Writing Rules

It is very easy to write bangla in BanglaText. Here you should write in phonetic system. It will be known to avro users. Here you can write bangla and english combinedly. To write bangla remember this Keymap except complex letters.
You can paste converted bangla text on any website.

Here you can write bangla in two ways.
1. with auto correction
2. Classic method

Classic method:

Start: To start classic method, use '.c'
To write in this method, you shold follow keymap exactly.

Modern method:

Start: To start modern method, use '.b'

English writing:

Start: To start English writing, use '.e'

Overall Rules:



(At the time auto correction enabled)


  1. এটা বৈজ্ঞানিক বিষয়। => eta boigganik bishoy.
  2. আমার mp3 player টা মশিউর'কে দিয়েছি। => amar .e mp3 player .b ta .cmoshiur'ke diyechi.
  3. পবিত্র কুর্‌আন গ্রন্থটি বইয়ের তাকে আছে। => pobitro .ckur_an gronthoti .cbo_ier take ache.


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