Unicode to Bijoy Converter

Enter unicode Bangla text in the first form bellow and click on convert to Bijoy button to convert to bijoy encoding.
Enter Bijoy encoded text in the second form bellow and click on convert to Unicode button to convert to Unicode encoding. It can convert Unicode + Bijoy mixed text properly.


Bijoy Encoding

Bijoy encoding works on ANSI encoding. It works based on font substitute. For this reason, to show bangla characters properly, ANSI compliant bangla font should be used. Rich text editor may support this, but simple text editor can't handle mixed character and so it can't be used as universally unique text. same text may represent different text for different font selection. Additionally, ANSI encoding support only 256 characters to represent in text.

Example: In english font, g represent g. In bangla bijoy font g represnt ম.

Unicode Encoding

Unicode is universal code for characters. It can handle all character set of all human language. all characters are unique for all font. To show bangla characters properly, Unicode compliant bangla font should be used. All latest operating system has built-in Bangla font support. So anyone can read Unicode bangla text on every device without installing appropriate font. Simple text editor can show mixed language font correctly.

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