Comment on Facebook directly

After a long time cheris, now it is possible to comment on any Facebook post without copy paste system.

Direct post is very convenient for mobile users. Just use your browser's speed dial bookmark for quick comment. This method may be very useful for keypad handset.

Setup Procedure

  1. Use Opera Mini or UC Browser for best result.
  2. Click on .
  3. Bookmark current page. (Menu>Tools>Add to Bookmark. Shortcut: In Opera Mini 4, press # + 7. For other, read your browser manual)
  4. In Title box, write "Bangla Comment".
  5. In Address box, delete first characters till first # symbol (including #). It should be looks like "javascript:location....".
  6. Select an speed dial as your choice. (1 is recommended)
  7. Now press save button.

Operation Hints

  1. Go to any facebook status or story via facebook mobile version.
  2. Press your selected speed dial. (Menu>Bokkmarks>Speed Dial. Shortcut: In Opera Mini 4, press * + Speed dial)
  3. You will get BanglaText Phonetic Converter page. Check that, "Facebook Commenting is Active" is shown in info bar.
  4. Write any text in input box.
  5. Press Convert
  6. Do necessary correction
  7. Finally, press "facebook" button under Update status.
  8. Your bangla text will be posted to facebook as a comment.


  1. Currently it support comment on page status, personnal status, page photo & personnal photo.
  2. It can't be use for comment on any group status.
  3. It can't be use for wall post on another.
  4. Sometimes, it shows "something error/empty status...". But it is being successful. So, check facebook storyboard after trying.

More Uses

You can post images as a comment. To get this, after converting bangla text, press Text2Image button under more.