In the name of Allah, the most merciful
The writing of this application started since 2010, when I bought a Nokia phone which support Bangla font. I was able to read Bangla on this device, but could not write. Where their has a problem, their has way of developing solution. After that I have developed a Bangla writing site which was the first server based Bangla writing system. But, the uses of this simple program was very hard due to mistaking word. For this reason, everyone had to try 5-6 times to correct the word. This is also a problem, so I have researched to develop another way. A few days later, I have written an algorithm. But, it was very painful to me due to not having own computer. I have developed a site by using mobile phone. But, output was not satisfactory; so I have not published that. After my academic second year exam, with hard and soul try, I was able to complete the current site by the grace of Allah. If this program has any debug, inform me.

And continue the communication in mother tongue.


Jahedul Islam
B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology